Solving real problems with real-time innovation.

The industry continues to change at a very fast pace. Publishers are under constant pressure to take advantage of changes in the production, enhancement and presentation of content. But where others see problems, we see opportunities.

We understand publishers’ needs and challenges. We build customized, integrated solutions for content production and the management of processes, product assets and metadata.

We use technology, automation, process management and deep industry experience to design innovative solutions that improve the competitive position of our publishing partners. Simply put, we give you an edge.

A launching pad for success.

We deal with some of the most complex content production challenges from some of the world’s most demanding customers. Through a combination of technology, automation and process engineering, we’ve created automated workflows to speed turnaround time, improve quality, and yes, lower costs.

The secret is content modeling.

Digital services.

Our automated digital services include quality digital conversion across all formats. We also offer a range of content enhancement services, and complete quality assurance programs through our deep knowledge of XML and content modeling.


Composition services.

We offer full-service or typesetting-only automated composition services, encompassing everything from design and development, to editorial, project management and typesetting. Rest assured, your project is in good hands.

Integrated workflow.

Our integrated workflow combines both composition and digital services into a single, unified workflow using an XML anytime model. So you can go with the flow.

collectionPoint 4.0.
Agile. User friendly. Ready for anything.

collectionPoint 4.0 is a unified platform that enables customers to implement a complete publishing strategy from content creation to delivery. cP 4.0 builds on over a decade of success collectionPoint has enjoyed in the market. With new capabilities, increased scalability and the flexibility to adapt to unique publisher needs, it sets a new standard for publisher platform solutions.


Manage—on cP

Manage and distribute products and metadata to all channels, with superior business insight.

Collaborate—on cP

Efficient, highly collaborative development of content aligned with publisher workflow.

Engage—on cP

A user friendly customer engagement solution leveraging publisher brand.

To use it is to love it.

Publishers face enormous, multi-dimensional challenges in the content creation to delivery process. That’s why collectionPoint 4.0 is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Instead, it’s the proven content services platform with the depth and breadth to solve those problems flexibly. cP 4.0 is configurable to meet the unique needs of a publisher through standardized modules, built into a publisher-unique solution.

Trusted by leading publishers around the world.

A new team.
A new approach.

In February of 2014, new owner/managers took over at codeMantra, with a strong background of successfully bringing technology to bear in the publication industry. Naturally, one of our first things we did was to examine the state of content production. We spent a lot of time trying to understand the needs of our publishing partners and the business challenges they face.

We found that the processes then employed by publishing services providers (and, frankly, by codeMantra as well) were rather labor intensive and cumbersome. To make matters worse, they were also costly. The culprit? A legacy approach to producing content that largely lacked effective technology and automation.

Building a better mousetrap.

Armed with a business strategy, resources and know-how, we focused on building software tools and process reengineering to dramatically improve content production. We also acquired a Boston-area-based XML technology company called Media Entities to help automate content production. The result is a range of highly automated content production services.


We are living in the Golden Age of Content. Never before has so much information been at the fingertips of so many. It’s enriching lives in so many ways, and opening countless doors for publishers. And no one can help you capitalize on those openings better than codeMantra.

We are in the business of content solutions. In fact, we’ve been at the forefront of the digital publishing industry since the early 90’s (back before anyone even knew how to spell ‘eBook’).

We do it all—from prepress and composition, to conversion and asset management, metadata and distribution, and so much more. But it’s not just our experience, it’s what we’re able to do with it.

Where others see a digital file, we see an opportunity. A chance to do things better. The possibility to use technology to help publishers transform their businesses—with unprecedented insight at every stage of the publishing process. Big data, analytics, workflow, you name it.

No wonder some of the best names in the field have come to rely upon us. We’re always innovating, forever helping the industry to move forward and to prepare for what’s next.

codeMantra. Manage. Transform. Publish.

Executive Management

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