The Solution

codeMantra’s Practice Communication Hub unifies workflows across Admin and Clinical departments through the efficient management of communication

Reduce Time Spent on Funding Compliance!

PCH Imposes structured cells for the Importation of case-specific copy, which can be exported to pre-configured submission templates.

Your Blueprint for Scalable ABA Workflows

Practice Communication Hub paves the way to successful and efficient funding initiatives with a structured approach:

  • Deliver timely alerts targeting key stakeholders
  • Manage up-to-date insurance report/ submission templates
  • Impose process-automation in generating Assessment and Performance reports.

Be Sure to Build Quality Assurance into Expansion Plans!

Standard Goals/Content Library Derived From Best Practices Enforces Quality Assurances

Your Blueprint for Scalable ABA Workflows

Practice Communication Hub features structured content repository to ensure that messaging and practice reflects company’s distinct ABA approach.

  • Source content from a library of standard definitions, prescriptive procedures and goals
  • Assemble training modules using the same library of definitions prescriptive procedures and goals

eMail Driven Workflows Will Drive You Crazy!

Practice Communication Hub eliminates group eMail bombardment and delivers point-to-point precision communication

Your Blueprint for Scalable ABA Workflows

Manage communication traffic at the case level, and ensure that the right message reaches the right stakeholder.

  • No more cumbersome group email boxes
  • Business metrics show response time and easily identify bottlenecks
  • Manage cases collaboratively and efficiently across all departments

Parents/Guardians are Clients Too!

PCH Provides Walled Garden Social Network Parents/ Guardians, Clinicians and patient

Your Blueprint for Scalable ABA Workflows

codeMantra’s Practice Communication Hub provides a secure walled garden portal for social media interaction between parents/guardians, case workers, and institutional stakeholders. Our Hub ensures that:

  • Latest reports can be securely posted, reviewed and commented upon
  • Remote meetings and exchanges can be securely scheduled and executed
  • Parents or guardians temporarily or permanently separated from children can participate in the therapy



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