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Accessibility is at the heart of inclusivity, and particularly as it relates to people with visual, auditory, physical, or cognitive disabilities. Truly accessible content enables everyone, regardless of disability or special needs, to read and engage with content.

However, true accessibility requires that users not be required to utilize additional technology to access the content because the provider has compromised on the quality and standard of accessibility they provide.

codemantra promises to deliver true accessibility. Over the last five years, codemantra’s R&D has developed technology and expertise to help content owners provide truly accessible digital content. codemantra’s fast, accurate, AI-powered tools and intelligent document processing capabilities (IDP) support accessibility inclusion.

codemantra’s accessibilityInsight™ is an intelligent document processing platform that embraces machine learning to automate up to 80% of document accessibility production to

Help organizations become more inclusive

Transition to digital accessibility efficiently and affordably

Ensure legal compliance to all national and international standards

Extract information and properties from the document

Classify documents based on structure, for quick and accurate compliance

accessibilityInsight™ platform enables compliance through these robust & scalable modules

Accessibility Laws across the world

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