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19 May, 2020
9:45 - 10:45 (CDT)

Anna Sisnett Room



Accessibility Platforms & Solutions

Ian Smith is an experienced product manager with a demonstrated history of working in the content lifecycle industry, assisting organizations with digital document compliance strategies and remediation plans.


Ian has been a thought leader in document accessibility. He has advised private and public institutions to help them become compliant with various accessibility standards across various document formats. As part of this, Ian has collaborated with industry thought leaders in web accessibility and has successfully established a digital document accessibility platform and solution program within codemantra US, LLC.

Class Description:


The intent of this session is to help you understand the challenges end-users encounter when trying to consume non-compliant PDF files. As the Director of Accessibility Platforms and Solutions at codemantra US, LLC., an experienced document platform and solutions company, I have spent many years understanding how accessible documents benefit all end-users.


We will cover three main topics in this session:


  • An understanding of how difficult it is for end-users to consume non-compliant PDF documents due to the lack of structure and reading order.
    There are many visual cues that sighted users have inherently learned to utilize over the years when reading a document that provide context and understanding about various parts of a document. I will illustrate some of these and help you understand how these allow us to perceive structure and logical reading order.
  • the impact a fully compliant document has to users of assistive technologies. As a continuation of the first topic, this portion will help you understand how users of assistive technologies can have the same experience as sighted users when the digital document is fully compliant.
  • the fundamental areas that are required to create fully compliant digital documents.


Now that we have a basic understanding of what an accessible document is, we will walk through the main areas that are required to create these accessible PDF files. I will be using a platform solution from codemantra that combines machine learning and human intelligence to provide the most efficient path to document accessibility compliance.