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Case study: Global Financial Organization


enables a global financial organization to achieve effective content lifecycle management

One of the world’s largest financial organizations


  • Working to foster global monetary
  • Established in 1945
  • Having a presence in 189 countries
  • The ability to bundle and distribute chunk content and metadata
  • Easy and fast way to populate a lot of metadata while reducing the effort
  • Manual entry of a huge volume of metadata consumed a lot of time, resources, and efforts
  • Entering a huge volume of metadata
    necessitated automated population


An exclusive content management platform was used to provide comprehensive content lifecycle management solutions. This took care of the entire range of processes from content and metadata creation to validation and reporting. Automation of metadata entry saved time and resources, and the client was able to meet compliance needs associated with multiple standard formats.


  • The client was able to Increase their traction in web usage by several times
  • Dynamic content and metadata management was enabled

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