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Full-Service Content Production

A blend of technology, process automation, and human intelligence, codemantra’s Full-Service Content Production expedites the process through automated workflows resulting in faster turnaround time, improved quality, and lower costs.

  • Artificial intelligence assisted process for higher accuracy
  • 4 million plus pages produced
  • 100+ subject mater experts with best in the industry talent pool
  • More than 2 decades of experience in Publishing Industry
Content Creation & Management
Content Production
Digital Solutions

Content Creation & Management

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codemantra’s content modeling services are responsible for structuring content, applying styles, making references and text consistent as per stylesheet.

codemantra employ experts in handling any topic including humanities, STEM, law, fiction, classics and many more. They are responsible for editing the text for language, grammar, and syntax as per the requirement of the content or as designated by the publisher, thereby ensuring completeness and accuracy.

Crafting apt and comprehensive content for websites, digital products, and all-inclusive content for ancillary products for core books by experts in their fields.

Creating school and college-grade content by SMEs as per the syllabus for international schools and universities. codemantra services cater to all major subjects such as physical sciences, social sciences, mathematics, humanities, and English language teaching.

Writing apt and comprehensive descriptions for all graphical elements to aid assistive technology users. codemantra experts can handle a wide range of subjects such as mathematics, physical sciences, social sciences, engineering, technology, economics, finance, and humanities.

codemantra employs a team of graduates and postgraduates with specializations in various disciplines to read and improve the content to maintain accuracy and consistency.

Experts in handling humanities, STEM and medical content compile significant terms, key concepts, and ideas as an Index with respective page numbers.

codemantra is equipped with experienced professionals skilled in handling end-to-end, full service and partial project management services for top publishers worldwide, both in educational and other sectors.

Content Production

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codemantra doesn’t follow the traditional front XML workflow to produce composed outputs. The native product MAESTRO InDesign auto composition engine produces a 95% layout for standard journals and books. With minimized finishing steps, the print output is delivered in lesser turnaround time. Codemantra’s AnyTime XML output concept is the innovative technology where the compositor doesn’t worry about XML structure and it stays in IDML rather than InDesign document structure. Any DTD or schema can be dynamically configured and metadata travels from the beginning till the print and digital output are generated. The advantage of this workflow is configurable InDesign templates and all conditions and quality validation are controlled when content is styled. The tool can store and define content In InDesign by either print or digital-only.

codemantra’s LaTeX workflow is a different concept that enables to produce HTML at any given time. All styles and classes are configurable for any complex math content. It produces XHTML and universal PDF at a single click.

The DTP team works on QuarkXpress and Framemaker for global manufacturing and multilingual companies to produce technical documents in over 25 languages. With a single language set traditionally, all the remaining languages tidy up automatically by the language-based rules and quality checks in Quark, Framemaker, and InDesign.

The graphics studio infrastructure configured with the Mac environment produces high-quality vector images for global publishers for print and digital. The studio is staffed with creative people who caricature from the transcript content written by authors or subject matter experts.

The advanced tools and technology help to define and pre-assess the quality of the source files against the specification. In a single click, multiple generated outputs are validated for print, web, and digital requirements. The digital outputs often require better quality to display and to be responsive in digital devices. codemantra,s technology-enabled tools have helped to produce over 1 million digital image formats every year.

The graphics conversion team reproduces science, technical, medical, anatomy, graphs, and charts following the global standards. Ingestion of metadata in images, audio, and video are automated to deliver high-quality outputs.

Digital Solutions

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Developing interactive audio and video content by best experts in the market, in formats usable in all devices and per the latest accessibility standards.

codemantra’s indigenous Automated Content Extraction platform has the artificial intelligence to predict the logical text from any source PDF format (image/print) and provide the styled document XML ready for transformation. The Content Transformation platform dynamically configurable any books/journal DTD/Schema to any format specific XML output. The inbuilt structure validation tool enables the user to fix the quality within the platform environment. From the XML output, it is a single click transform into ePub, Mobi, HTML5 and other digital output formats. An intriguing feature of the tool is the custom structure modelling to any platform such as PubFactory, SilverAge, Atypon etc. codemantra has been delivering 8 million pages of digital XML/ePub outputs every year and the demand is growing continuously from global academic, STEM, trade, Higher education, NGO and University presses.

With QA services going back more than a decade, codemantra has been working with global publishers, digital platforms, eLearning portals, and various other verticals.
codemantra’s Lean Six Sigma certified QA experts define the standards and practices for project-based delivery.

What we do in QA? 


  • Digital Content
  • Digital Structure
  • Web, PDF and ePub Accessibility testing,
  • Assessment QA
  • Functionality Testing
  • Platform usability and regression.