codemantra assisted the
Henry County School District
Integrated with existing LMS to make curriculum accessible
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codemantra assisted the University of Westminster
Achieve 100% document accessibility compliance before the PSBAR deadline
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AI-Enabled & Digitally Accessible Solutions for
K-12, School Districts & Higher Education Institutions

codemantra facilitates the conversion of documents [scanned images/documents & digitally native content ] to editable and easily accessible materials which helps improve learning, the
end-to-end user experience, and direct cost savings for the institutions.
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Matter Experts

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Increased automation with industry-leading accuracy

SOC 2 Certified

Industry-leading privacy & security practices

Secure Cloud

Secure cloud-based platform conforms to CSA, ISO 27017 & ISO 270018

Remote and hybrid learning is the fast-evolving future of education. Creating an accessible learning experience with technologies such as analytics, AI, and machine learning will be key to hyper-personalizing the student experience. codemantra delivers these solutions that improve the learning experience and knowledge dissemination.

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"Helped meet the deadline”, “Extremely Pleased”, “Great Turnaround Time” are just some of the compliments customers have showered on codemantra

Over the years, codemantra has worked with a number of educational institutions to fast-track their digital journeys & leverages this knowledge to improve & broaden its solution delivery.

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