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codemantra’s intelligent document processing solution enables digitization of the entire document processing workflow, thereby optimizing systems and boosting business growth.

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Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Increased automation with industry-leading accuracy

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Industry-leading privacy & security practices

Secure Cloud

Secure cloud-based platform conforms to CSA, ISO 27017 & ISO 270018

codemantra's Solutions for Publishers & University Press

Increasing creation & demand for content, along with a growing need for more formats across channels & devices, requires unprecedented operational agility. codemantra delivers these solutions for publishers who need a single window, cross-functional publishing requirements that reduce time to market & improve RoI.

codemantra's IDP Platform & Accessibility Customers

Yale University Press
Mc Graw Hill
Oxford University Press

Over the years, codemantra has worked with a number of state and federal government agencies to fast track their digital journey & leverage this knowledge to improve & broaden its solution delivery.

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Leading Academic Publisher

accessibilityInsight™ helps a leading academic publisher to become 100 percent WCAG compliant within a span of 28 days.

leading International Academic Publisher

accessibilityInsight™ helps an international academic publisher achieve 100 percent accessibility compliance in 120 days flat.

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