Accessibility Podcasts

This International podcast day, we have compiled a list of podcast playlists for you to hear and enrich your knowledge. For the uninitiated September 30th is celebrated as the International Podcast day. Web Accessibility — Ladybug Podcast Podcast: Accessibility in government A.D.A. Now! Accessibility and Inclusive Design with Derek Featherstone Accessibility Podcast – Document Accessibility […]
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Museums & Art Galleries

Making Museums Accessible – Best Practices from Around the World

“Museums for equality: diversity and inclusion” – the International Museum Day theme for 2020 is a nudge for museums worldwide to take Accessibility for disabled visitors ‘earnestly.’ Museum’s worldwide records an average of 54 million visitors every year. Approximately 4% to 11% of those museum visitors are individuals with different forms of physical disabilities. All […]
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Accessibility & Economy

The Intertwined Tales of Accessibility and Economy

Economic entities such as businesses, hospitals, federal agencies, and the like underwent several social revolutions and reforms before attaining the current form and structure. This included laying out guidelines for ethics, equality, and accessibility. Accessibility, in particular, helps sustain inclusivity and diversity in our society. Although brands have been quick to adopt newfound strategies and […]
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