codemantra’s accessibilityFix can be easily integrated into any business application or platform workflow. The cloud-based service provides highly accurate accessibility remediation of PDFs. With more and more content being uploaded online every day, online content needs to be made accessible what with ADA 508 compliance laws as well as state and federal guidelines mandating accessibility compliance. With this module, significantly reduce the time to make PDFs fully accessible.

100% AI and machine learning-powered automated remediation that uses codemantra’s data lake to constantly improve its accuracy

Create ~90% accessible documents from simple and moderately complex PDFs by just flipping a switch!

Want a 100% compliant output? Use codemantra’s lowest-price-in-the-market QA service

Get auto-generated syntactic alt text and MathML for equations. Have own alt text? Feed that in with a click of a button

Flexible licensing models that allow customization of the solution

Before - After of Remediated Document

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