A Global Financial Organization

accessibilityInsight™ to helps update its documents to 100% accessible format for the digital age

Internal Business Impact on Global Financial Organization


on-demand availability of information in multiple formats to its visually impaired customers


enhanced searchability through granularity of content and metadata


pages were converted to high-quality BITS/JATS XML and delivered to the client’s proprietary e-library platform


reduction in go-to market time


plus titles augmented with comprehensive metadata


increase in website traffic

About Customer

The oldest global financial organization ensures the stability of the international monetary system—the system of exchange rates and international payments that enables countries and their citizens to transact with each other. It provides advice to member countries and promotes policies designed to foster economic stability, reduce vulnerability to economic and financial crises, and raise living standards. The organization also provides periodic assessments of global prospects, financial markets, public finance developments, and external positions of the largest economies in addition to a series of regional economic outlooks.

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