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Ian Smith
Director – Accessibility Platforms and Solutions

Ian Smith


Accessibility Platforms & Solutions

Ian Smith is an experienced product manager with a demonstrated history of working in the content lifecycle industry, assisting organizations with digital document compliance strategies and remediation plans.


Ian has been a thought leader in document accessibility. He has advised private and public institutions to help them become compliant with various accessibility standards across various document formats. As part of this, Ian has collaborated with industry thought leaders in web accessibility and has successfully established a digital document accessibility platform and solution program within codemantra US, LLC.

The theme of this year’s Humanities Roundtable is building better — better diversity, better accessibility, better technology — in order to develop a more diverse, inclusive, and equitable humanities community. From the complexities of controlled vocabularies and thesauri in the humanities, to dealing with historically offensive language, and from defining accessibility in a humanities context to designing for it, our speakers will touch on many of the critical changes the digital humanities need.None of this is simple but, at the same time, if we work together to find solutions, it’s not impossible. By bringing together stakeholders from across our community — librarians, publishers, technology providers — this year’s Roundtable will kickstart a discussion on the practical requirements and implications of delivering a more diverse, a more accessible, a better information environment for the digital humanities community.


The event will include small group breakout sessions to encourage attendees from a range of stakeholder communities to engage productively with one another and to collaborate in identifying next steps.


Confirmed speakers include, among others, Marti Heyman, Executive Director, Metadata Strategy and Operations, OCLC; Bethan Tovey-Walsh, PhD researcher, CorCenCC/Swansea University; Michelle Urberg, Affiliate Associate, Metadata Expert, Maverick Publishing Specialists; Dave Tell, Ph.D., Co-Director, Institute for Digital Research in the Humanities, University of Kansas; Mark Puente, Associate Dean/Associate Professor of Organizational Development, Inclusion, and Diversity, Purdue; Susan Doerr, Associate Director, University of Minnesota Press; Rebecca Blakiston, User Experience Strategist, University of Arizona and Ian Smith, Director, Accessibility Platforms and Solutions, codemantra US LLC.


2:15pm – 2:45pm – Solutions for Creating Accessible Content


The speaker is invited to provide the NISO audience with a case study


  • Problem Faced; Determining the Best Solution
  • Challenges Faced and Overcome; Successes
  • Next Steps