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Intelligent Document Transformation

codemantra’s Intelligent Document Transformation module employs a unique blend of technology, process automation, and human intelligence to transform any document into any desired digital format.

Content Creation & Management
Content Production
Digital Solutions

Content Creation & Management

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codemantra has been partnering with leading book and journal publishers on their publishing requirements for the last 20 years. Having understood the industry dynamics, its ever-changing conditions, and the need for greater responsiveness and cost efficiency, codemantra’s internal workflows, leveraging AI technologies and embracing agile models, can be customized to specific business needs of the client.

codemantra’s content creation and management team comprises dedicated professionals from various publishing domains, who having a strong background in technology can deliver world-class results. In essence, codemantra offers complete lifecycle management for books and journals with dedicated full-service project managers, supported by strong copyediting, composition, artwork, indexing, digital, and accessibility teams. By delivering accurate and consistent services in content creation and project management over the years, codemantra has become the one-stop solution provider for pubishers across the globe.

🢂 Project Management

🢂 End-to-End Project Management

codemantra offers best-in-class project management services for books, journals, and educational domains across disciplines. The project management team comprises highly experienced and dedicated onshore and offshore project managers. They formulate feasible project plans with specific milestones, reconciling them with customer-defined workflows yet retaining complete control from project launch to delivery. In addition, the team’s technology-enabled project management practices enable seamless delivery of service.

🢂 Peer Review

codemantra’s various peer review models and the services offered by its peer review team are customized to meet clients’ specific business needs. The team consists of subject matter experts and reviewers who ensure that decisions taken adhere to publishing requirements and ethics.


🢂 Rights and Permissions

The rights and permissions team handles the various aspects of clearance, copyright, and license requirements ahead of publishing, thereby facilitating access to content on multiple platforms and devices.


🢂 Editorial Services

🢂 Content Modeling

codemantra’s robust and indigenously developed intelligent platform automatically identifies, structures, and labels textual elements, and applies styles to text and references, which can be controlled from a predefined library or fine-tuned to customer-defined specifications, resulting in a consistent output. This process can be carried out at scale on various systems such as TeX and LaTeX.


🢂 Copyediting

codemantra’s copyediting team has a good mix of both domestic and onshore copyeditors from diverse educational backgrounds, possessing relevant technical know-how to handle varied subject matter and content. The team members combine technology and skill, backed by years of relevant professional and subject-specific editing experience which helps them achieve greater flexibility, to meet ever-growing requirements and improve efficiency. They are well versed in various subject areas such as STEM, humanities, medicine, and law.


🢂 Language Polishing

codemantra’s language specialists are experts in handling complex content and in adding value to the text. With machine learning applications that aid performance, the team imparts a remarkably high level of quality and consistency to each project. The team also has the ability to recreate original manuscripts for non-native authors so that the final output is comprehensible and devoid of grammatical errors.


🢂 Indexing

codemantra’s team of indexers ensure that content is indexed precisely and comprehensively with related concepts that cover different sections of a book, typically with the inclusion of respective page numbers and cross references. The team is proficient in creating subject/author index with relevant keywords, themes, and concept-based multi-level indexes for humanities, STEM, medical, and legal content.


🢂 Alt Text/Content Creation


codemantra’s alt text/content creation team helps publishers across the globe make their content accessible to users who rely on assistive technology. The alt text writers are subject matter experts who offer professional alternative text writing services for graphical elements of varying complexities and in subject areas spread across medicine, life sciences, humanities, law, finance, social sciences, engineering, and physical sciences.

Content Production

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🢂 Typesetting – MAESTRO – InDesign Auto Composition


codemantra’s AnyTime XML output is a path-breaking technology wherein its proprietary MAESTRO InDesign auto composition engine produces a 95% layout for standard journals and books from any input format. This results in a shortened workflow, thereby reducing the turnaround time for the delivery of XML output considerably.


🢂 Typesetting – LATEX – HTML Workflow


codemantra’s LaTeX workflow is a whole different method that enables the production of technical and scientific documentation at any given time. All styles and classes are configurable for any complex math or science content. The workflow produces XHTML and universal PDF with a single click.


🢂 Graphic Design & Creative Illustration


The graphics studio infrastructure configured with the Mac environment produces high-quality vector images for global print and digital publishers. codemantra’s advanced tools and technology help define and pre-assess the quality of the source files against any specification. With a single click, the generated output is validated against print, web, and digital requirements. codemantra’s technology-enabled tools have enabled the production of more than one million digital image files in various formats every year.


🢂 Metadata Inclusion


The graphics conversion team reproduces science, technical, medical, and anatomy graphs and charts by adhering to global standards. Ingestion of metadata in images, audio, and video are automated to deliver high-quality output.

Digital Solutions

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🢂 Interactive Content Development


codemantra provides interactive audio and video content created and curated by industry experts, in formats usable in all devices and as per the latest accessibility standards.


🢂 Digital Content Transformation


codemantra’s AI-based automated content extraction platform predicts the logical text from any source PDF format (image/print) and provides a styled document XML ready for transformation. And all it takes is a single click to transform the XML output into ePUB, MOBI, HTML5, and other digital output formats. The platform also offers custom structure modeling for platforms such as PubFactory, SilverAge, Atypon, etc. codemantra has been delivering eight million pages of digital XML/ePUB output every year for the last decade or so.


🢂 Quality Assurance Services


With its QA services going back more than a decade, codemantra has been working with global publishers, digital platforms, e-learning portals, and various other verticals. codemantra’s Lean Six Sigma certified QA experts define the standards and practices for project-based delivery. In addition, codemantra’s ISO 9001:2015 certification ensures these practices and guidelines are specifically designed to meet the unique needs of clients and their business processes.