Below you will find codemantras’ Texas Department of Information Resources. For more information regarding this program, please visit the DIR website. For information on codemantras’ products or pricing please contact our offices.

Sanjeev Kalyanaraman is codemantra’ designated vendor contact for the Texas Department of Information Resources.


He will work with you to determine the products and services to best meet your needs and can be reached by calling our corporate offices.


Contact Name: Sanjeev Kalyanaraman
Contact Details: (617) 515-0925
Location: Boston, Massachusetts

Please contact Sanjeev Kalyanaraman to discuss the product(s) and services you are interested in purchasing and to obtain a quote for your purchase order. PURCHASE ORDERS MUST SHOW DIR CONTRACT NO. DIR-CPO-4707.

This contract offers the following products and services.

  • 208-36 – Data Processing Software, Microcomputer
  • 208-61 – OCR and Scanner Software
  • 209-37 – Data Processing Software, Mini/Mainframe Computer
  • 209-40 – Desktop Publishing
  • 209-62 – OCR and Scanner Software
  • 920-26 – Desktop Publishing Services
  • 920-30 – Image Processing and Conversion Services
  • 920-24 – Data Conversion Services
  • 958-82 – Records Management Services (Including Document Management Services which also includes Technology Integration)
  • 208-21 – Business Intelligence Software

codemantra Product: accessibilityInsight™

codemantra Texas DIR Price: Price List

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