A visually impaired woman wearing dark glasses sits in a sofa and runs her fingers over the pages in a Braille book. This is one of the accessibility features provided at the Georgia Library Service for the Blind and Print-disabled.

New accessibility features are unveiled on the Georgia Library’s website. The Georgia Library Service for the Blind and Print Disabled aims to promote reading among individuals. It aims to accomplish this through audio and braille books. A website redesign is underway to enhance access to resources for patrons, caregivers, and advocates. While a public service announcement (PSA) campaign will raise awareness throughout Georgia.

New accessibility features

The Georgia Library Service for the Blind and Print Disabled (GLS) serves over 10,000 patrons. The Library recently launched new accessibility features on its website.

“Our new website is easier to read, easier to navigate. So anyone using adapted technology, like a screen reader, will be able to more easily, independently go through our website and find the information that they need.”

Gina Martin, Georgia Library Service Outreach Manager

Martin added that the improvements also address information accessibility that patrons could previously only find by calling. For example, the service’s event calendar.


Georgia Public Library Service

The Library’s new website has enhanced accessibility for individuals to sign up and access audio or braille books. As well as other resources for those with low vision. The redesigned website incorporates improved accessibility features and has undergone testing to ensure ease of reading with screen reading devices. The updates improves accessibility for patrons who are blind or have physical abilities. And those that necessitate reading materials in braille or audio.

“The removal of barriers that prevent lifelong learning through reading is our ultimate goal. Our services provide a sense of community, independence, and entertainment. We want our patrons, caregivers, and advocates to easily access the information they need.”

Kristin White, State Director for Georgia Library Service for the Blind and Print Disabled.

There are many people across Georgia who could benefit from the Library’s services but they don’t know it exists. The Director hopes their new PSA and website will help them to keep reading and pursuing their goals.

The Library and accessibility features and services

The Georgia Public Library Service extends its library services to individuals in need. This service caters to those who are blind or have physical limitations which requires audio books or braille materials. Individuals can freely borrow talking books and the user-friendly talking book players required to access them. Additionally, the service provides access to online talking books and magazines. These are accessible through the Braille and Audio Reading Download (BARD) Mobile app. Reader advisors are readily available via phone to assist patrons with book selection or address any inquiries.

The Georgia Library Service for the Blind and Print Disabled is not exclusively for the blind. Eligibility extends to individuals with low vision. And also those who have temporary or permanent physical difficulties, as well as those with reading disabilities like dyslexia.

Source: Georgia Public Library Service

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