Cosmetic Giant faces lawsuit over website inaccessibility

On August 15th 2022, a class action was filed in a New York federal court. It alleges that the L’Oréal website is not accessible to visually impaired people using a screen reader.

L’Oréal class action alleges website lacks alt text

A plaintiff, Marina Iskhakova has filed a class action suit, alleging that the images on the website lack alt text. Visually impaired people using screen readers are unable to access the images on the site.

What does the class action state?

Many features on the website lack alt text. The website also contains a host of broken links and pages that contain the same title elements. This constitutes a clear violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Due to this, the plaintiff was unable to differentiate what products were on the screen. 

Iskhakova is representing all legally blind people in the United States. The class action states that the access barriers effectively denied the plaintiff the ability to use the defendant’s website the same way sighted individuals do.

The plaintiff is seeking a permanent injunction to change the defendants’ corporate practices and procedures. After the changes are implemented, the website will be accessible to blind and visually impaired consumers.

She also requests certification of the class actions, an injunction, damages, fees, costs and a jury trial.


L’Oreal settled the lawsuit filed against it and the case has been closed. Makeup brand Revlon settled a similar litigation filed against it. Similarly on November 10, Bumble & Bumble was hit with a putative class action in a New York federal court. The lawsuit alleges that the retailer denied equal access to the blind and visually impaired due to design shortcomings on its website.

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