Retail shopping activities shows a shopping cart, a delivery person holding a package with a stack of packages by his feet, an employee checking off items on a writing pad, a clock, a calendar with the date 10, and a delivery guy speeding away on his scooter with a large box strapped on the back seat.

State of Digital Accessibility in E-commerce


Online retailers invest heavily in optimizing their e-commerce experiences. However, people with disabilities... Read More State of Digital Accessibility in E-commerce

E-commerce Business Accessibility Tips


Implementing accessibility measures in your ecommerce business is crucial for ensuring an inclusive and... Read More E-commerce Business Accessibility Tips

Digital accessibility in Ecommerce website shows a dark frame set on a light violet background.

Digital Accessibility in Ecommerce


As the world becomes increasingly reliant on digital technologies for various activities, the importance of... Read More Digital Accessibility in Ecommerce

ADA Lawsuits in the Past Five Years


Over the past five years, the landscape of ADA lawsuits has undergone significant developments, leading to... Read More ADA Lawsuits in the Past Five Years

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