In today’s world, web accessibility is more important than ever. The ADA and WCAG Guidelines (WCAG) provide a framework for websites to be usable by all. From text-to-speech software, there are various web accessibility solutions available to ensure your website is compliant and accessible to all. In this article, we’ll explore six web accessibility solutions that can help you adhere to the ADA and WCAG guidelines.

It becomes necessary for you to incorporate a website that is inclusive for all users. Creating an accessible website indicates that you must comply with the particular standards that come under ADA and WCAG guidelines.

By utilizing the right web accessibility solutions, businesses can ensure their websites are friendly and accessible to people with disabilities. This can result in increased customer engagement, improved website conversions, and a better user experience. With the right web accessibility solutions in place, businesses can guarantee they are meeting the ever-evolving accessibility standards.

The Importance of Website Accessibility Compliance

Website accessibility makes sure that all individuals are capable to consume content and participate in communities online. More particularly, web accessibility helps people with disabilities to navigate and perceive information effortlessly on the Internet.

The Internet has now become a significant source that helps users in every aspect of their lives. Users browse the internet for several reasons, including education, government services, employment, healthcare, and e-commerce.

When the user makes certain changes to comply with website accessibility guidelines, you open the business to a wider audience. With this, businesses will minimize the exposure to legal risk and augment brand image.

Reasons for Website Accessibility Compliance

1. Social importance

Approximately 15 per cent of the global population has some sort of disability including auditory, physical, and cognitive disabilities. If we are having second thoughts about website accessibility, you need to consider that chunk of population.

You have to make sure that your site doesn’t restrict them from accessing the information they require. Therefore, it can be said that if you implement web accessibility it represents your commitment to social responsibility.

2. Legal requirements

Several organizations worldwide include web accessibility by law. It is legit in some nations like the EU, Canada, the United States of America, etc. Businesses are required to make their website compliant with legal regulations. If they fail to comply, it may result in legal complications and penalties.

3. Business opportunities

Website accessibility is also significant for widening business value and operations. This helps your business reach a wider audience. It directly enhances the chances of leads which eventually yield improved or better revenue to the business.

Six Web Accessibility Solutions That Help You Comply With ADA and WCAG Guidelines

When it comes to building an accessible website, adhering to ADA and WCAG guidelines is essential. With the right web accessibility solutions, you can ensure that your website is accessible to everyone, regardless of disability.

Many web accessibility solutions handle compliance by scanning the website for issues and eliminating them. The tools also offer validation reports along with expert analysis of the errors.

These solutions help to customize the site and make it accessible for disabled people without any hassle. Read on about the best web accessibility solutions that can help you avoid legal risks and be socially responsible.

1. Accessibility Spark

After running a complete scan, the tool will recognize the accessibility concerns within your site and offer expert analysis. Once the user gets a head-up, the device allows you to make essential adjustments to your website. It helps you to make changes to your website including forms, content, videos, images, and widgets.

The most interesting feature of the tool is it very affordable compared to other accessibility solutions from its league. This will make certain that you can remain compliant without burning a massive hole in your pocket.

2. AudioEye

AudioEye’s comprehensive website accessibility solution pairs industry-leading technology with a professional and certified expert to assist the user. It scans the site to recognize the accessibility concerns and offers you an accessibility score ranging from 0 to 100.

By activating the account, the user will be able to access the custom dashboard with AudioEye instructions for installation. When the user installs the risk-free JavaScript code installation, auto-remediation will initiate. This helps to eliminate the majority of accessibility issues automatically. 

The toolkit facilitates visitors to personalize viewing experience by adjusting color contrast, font size, visual focus, and more.

Additionally, the toll easily integrates with any platform and comes with a 7-day free trial option.

3. accessiBe

accessiBe integrates with cutting-edge artificial technology to make your site compliant with both ADA law and WCAG standards. It provides a completely automated system and lets you skip time-consuming manual processes.

Additionally, it can scan the website using contextual understanding and image recognition operations. After the scan, it provides you with a complete overview of the diagnostic. The tool will automatically adjust the controls, tags, icons, and buttons to meet the every unique need.

4. User Way

UserWay is one of the reliable web accessibility solutions for users looking to integrate web accessibility into their sites. This tool comes with artificial Intelligence and machine learning technology which facilitates the enhancement of the overall user experience.

The most salient feature is that it provides the free version. Users can initiate general customization including font size, color contrast, enhancing the text spaces, and more.

5. EqualWeb

EqualWeb is a good web accessibility solution available used by hundreds of website owners globally. This tool helps website owners to remain compliant with WCAG regulations and ADA, Section 508, IS 5568, and EN 301549.

The tool makes use of artificial technology to scan the complete domain and recognize any concerns associated with the website.

6. Accessibe360

It is a popular web accessibility solution compatible with different web portals, including web applications and mobile applications.

It conducts an expert audit of the digital assets so that individuals with disabilities can use them hassle-freely and effortlessly.

The tool offers live support and software to monitor websites and offer legal and technical support.

Still not convinced about the need for web accessibility for your business?

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Final thoughts

Web accessibility is an essential quality for websites and businesses to comply with ADA and WCAG guidelines. These tools ensure businesses can make their websites accessible to all users. Furthermore, web accessibility can lead to increased customer engagement, improved website conversions, and better user experience. With the right web accessibility solutions in place, businesses can ensure they are meeting the ever-evolving standards of ADA and WCAG.

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