Digital accessibility compliance guide helps organizations to navigate step-by-step through audit, validation, and remediation. This helps them achieve compliance with accessibility standards and ensure inclusion and equity.

About this Guide

This guide will walk you through the steps of initiating and completing your first accessibility compliance project. This guide is for you if your organization has the following:

  • Your organization has very little (if any) experience with digital accessibility audit and remediation.
  • The content/applications that need to be made accessible are already live or are legacy titles.
  • Your organization may be working under a time-critical deadline for compliance.

If you have web accessibility audit and document accessibility needs and requirements, please reach out to us to know more about how to take your accessibility journey to the next level.

For more information about digital accessibility compliance solutions and services, training, and more, please reach out to: engage@codemantra.com

Your Journey to Digital Accessibility Compliance Starts Here!

If you are reading this, it’s highly likely that that you are already aware of the significance of digital accessibility. You might know that neglecting to ensure your website or mobile app is accessible to individuals with disabilities could potentially result in legal action against your organization. It’s possible that you’re under time pressure to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Section 508, or Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).

Your predicament lies in not knowing the appropriate course of action. With your organization possessing a state-of-the-art website, a customer portal, electronic documents, and an array of other internet-based assets, initiating the daunting mission of ensuring accessibility to all may appear overwhelming. Where do you even begin?

Don’t panic! codemantra is here to help you.

Understand your Digital Accessibility Compliance Project

Before you start looking for accessibility consultant and vendors, make sure you can answer these questions about your accessibility project:

  • What is your compliance deadline?
  • What accessibility regulations or standards does your website or digital documents need to comply with?
  • Who needs access to your digital content?
  • When someone lands on your website, what information do they need to access?
  • What parts of your website or ongoing/legacy content need to be made accessible?
  • What time-critical digital assets need to be made accessible first?

Digital Accessibility Compliance Solutions for all

codemantra is a leading Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) Solutions Provider. Its AI-driven platform automates digital document accessibility compliance; captures, classifies, and extracts data; and transforms documents into any output format.

codemantra’s accessibilityInsight uses artificial intelligence to remediate and validate PDFs as per PDF U/A and WCAG guidelines. The platform helps to make supplementary materials like lecture notes, assessments, and presentations accessible to students with disabilities.

codemantra scalable automated solution helps to achieve digital accessibility compliance. The modules integrate seamless into workflows. accessibilityCheck and accessibilityFix integrate easily into any workflow via API. The accessibilityCheck platform is an accessibility compliance validator for PDF and MS Office documents. User intuitive reporting is available across multiple categories. accessibilityFix performs large scale automated remediation of documents. It enables increased consumption of documents by the visually impaired. accessibilityReview is an award-winning quality assurance and ADA compliance tool. It includes automated prediction and user intuitive interfaces. It also allows automatic alt text support for equations. The platform supports multi-lingual documents including Roman-based and RTL.

Decoding Document Details for Digital Accessibility Compliance

The accessibilityInsight™ platform includes three solutions. accessibilityCheck is an accessibility compliance validator for PDF and MS Office documents. It enables user intuitive reporting across multiple categories.

accessibilityFix performs large-scale automated remediation of documents. It executes artificial intelligence based accessibility prediction in the uploaded PDF document and provides a fully remediated output without any human intervention.

accessibilityReview includes automated prediction and user intuitive interfaces. It provides automatic support for custom alt text for equations. Let’s take a look at each module in detail.

The accessibilityInsight platform allows digital accessibility compliance. The three AI-enabled scalable modules are Check, Fix, and Review. accessibilityCheck validates/checks the uploaded documents (PDF, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents) for accessibility errors and provides the accessibility validation report. accessibilityFix performs artificial intelligence (AI)-based accessibility prediction in the uploaded PDF documents and provides remediated PDF documents. accessibilityReview retains all the existing tags, alt text, document properties, table summary, and the reading order in the documents and supports manual remediation.

Step 1: Get an Audit for Digital Accessibility Compliance

Now that you have an outline about your accessibility project, your first step is to get an audit. A website audit will tell you the number of web pages that have accessibility issues, inaccessible documents uploaded on your site, inaccessible online forms, images missing alt text, and so much more.

This is where codemantra’s accessibilityCheck comes into the picture!


accessibilityCheck offers a thorough audit of digital documents in any format using a cloud-based multi-document audit and compliance report module. The documents are assessed for accessibility compliance against PDF/UA standards and WCAG guidelines.


  • One-step solution to easily identify accessibility errors.
  • Robust accessibility compliance reporting to assess the documents.
  • View and download the accessibility validation report.

Why accessibilityCheck?

  • Validation – Comprehensive manual validation across all document types to comply with PDF U/A standards and WCAG guidelines. (PDF, MS Office, EPUB).
  • Compliance report – Users can generate document accessibility compliance report.
  • Speed – Identifies all accessibility errors effectively in a detailed compliance report with great speed.
  • Integration – Easily integrates into any business application or platform through a REST API.
  • Human-in-the-loop – No Human intervention required.

Step 2: Fix Accessibility Issues and achieve for Digital Accessibility Compliance!

Once you have the audit report that lists out those accessibility issues, it’s time to fix them!


accessibilityFix is an automated PDF accessibility remediation module. It allows the AI-powered creation of document structure, extraction of metadata, and automated tagging without human intervention to achieve compliance with federal ADA and Section 508 laws as well as state laws.


  • Completely automatic remediation process powered by AI and machine learning.
  • Significantly reduces the time needed to make PDFs fully accessible.
  • Delivery of compliant documents of the highest quality.

Why accessibilityFix?

  • No human intervention is required – Automated remediation powered by AI and machine learning can help you achieve compliance.
  • Integration – Easily integrates into any business application or platform through a REST API.
  • Alt text – Auto-generated syntactic Alt text for figures, tables, and formulas and MathML content for equations with a click of a button.

Step 3: Manual Remediation and Resolution


accessibilityReview performs PDF remediation. accessibilityReview offers document remediation with machine learning suggestions along with human oversight and Alt Text writing and ensures accessibility compliance through PDF/UA and WCAG validation reports.


  • User friendly Editor interface for easy remediation process.
  • Provision to manually edit or modify the retained tags and other details and add new ones.
  • Offers an inclusive user experience and support to perform the manual remediation process.

Why accessibilityReview?

  • Human assisted intervention – Users can provide alt text for images and review auto-generated math descriptions.
  • Turnaround time – Reduces time taken to make PDFs accessible.

codemantra’s Validation Assessment

The Validation Assessment is the final step where you can witness the fruits of your labor. At this stage, our team collaborates with yours to conduct a series of quick testing and fixing iterations.

As our experts complete the tests, they provide the results either immediately or at regular intervals, as per your team’s requirements. This allows your team to address new or remaining accessibility issues promptly.

The cycle continues until you feel satisfied with the remediated site or application and ready to launch. Additionally, a Conformance Statement or VPAT can be incorporated into the Validation Assessment based on your preferences and needs.

Congratulations! Your journey towards digital accessibility compliance is now complete!

Undertaking early accessibility projects can be daunting, but they also present a chance to grant people with disabilities a level of independence that the rest of the population takes for granted.

At codemantra, we work tirelessly to ensure our clients are positioned for success. Our accessibility solutions are tailored to your specific requirements and software development procedures.

codemantra’s content services help make digital content accessible to people with disabilities. They provide services like audio description, closed captioning, and text-to-speech conversion to ensure that everyone can access and benefit from digital content.

While we are committed to helping you achieve your compliance objectives in the most efficient manner possible, our ultimate goal is to prepare you and your team for long-term success.

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